My First 90 Days As A Recruiter
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My First 90 Days as a Recruiter

​Having spent a considerable amount of time working in warehouses and navigating the academic landscape at university, I found myself in search of a fulfilling career. The prospect of transitioning into a real career was both exciting and daunting. I’ve been wanting to work in recruitment for a while because you get rewarded for hard work which is something I pride myself with. Upon securing my position at People Group I recognised the importance of improving my communication skills and building meaningful relationships as I transitioned into a career in recruitment.

From the outset, I discovered that the office was vastly different from my previous experiences. The culture here outshines that of my previous companies one of the key factors is the management, they are gracious, helpful, and supportive. This environment utilises constructive feedback to maximise potential. I appreciate the direct and nurturing atmosphere here as it’s playing a pivotal role in my professional development.

Within the first six weeks, I made my first placement! The sense of accomplishment was not just personal; it was a testament to the effective training and mentorship I received. The journey has been challenging, but the vibrant and fun atmosphere, coupled with the camaraderie among colleagues, makes each day an enjoyable challenge.

Reflecting on my initial impressions of my first office experience, it was quite toxic. The atmosphere lacked friendliness and it was apparent that everyone was solely driven by achieving their performance metrics, neglecting the emphasis on learning and professional development. However, joining this team has been a stark contrast. The assessment centre was instrumental in dispelling any doubts I harboured about recruiters, People Group definitely changed my perception.

In conclusion, my transition from warehouses to a dynamic career in recruitment has been marked by growth, learning, and a supportive work environment. Every day brings new challenges, but the camaraderie and positivity within the team continue to inspire me. As I navigate this exciting chapter, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a field that values communication, relationships, and personal development. The journey has just begun, and I am eager to see where it leads next.

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