Championing Women In Construction  (2)
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Championing women in construction

I have been involved in the recruitment industry since 2005, and throughout this time, I have observed significant changes in the construction recruitment landscape. One notable shift is the growing emphasis on diversity among candidates. Nowadays, companies are placing greater importance on fairness and impartiality, implementing various programs to ensure equal opportunities for women to thrive in the construction industry and access senior roles.

Only 15% of the construction workforce are women, to combat this disparity our company values and prioritises building diversity. Over the past couple of months I have successfully placed three highly qualified women in senior roles at one of our key clients. We strongly believe that promoting diversity is essential for creating the best working environment.

To achieve gender equity in the construction industry, it’s important to understand the distinction between equality and equity. Equality is about treating everyone the same, while equity is about giving everyone what they need to be successful.

Establishing support networks and highlighting promotion opportunities are also vital steps. Increasing the number of women who choose to remain in the industry is the only way to create broader representation at director level.

The entire industry must make conscious efforts to retain and promote female leaders both in leadership positions and in the field. It is important for male leaders to visibly demonstrate their commitment to empowering women and maintaining a zero-tolerance approach towards bullying, sexism, and discrimination.

If you are seeking a new opportunity, we strive to build diversity across all of our clients which empowers the best candidates to secure their dream role. If want to work with a recruitment agency that truly believes in diversity and inclusion give us a call on 020 3998 7671.