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Planting trees for a greener tomorrow

This year we have decided to support a charity with an environmental cause. We have found the perfect partner with Trees for Life and have committed to planting trees for each permanent placement we make. Since January we have managed to plant over 100 trees!

Many of our clients have already achieved net zero carbon and many others are targeting to achieve this before the government net zero strategy date of 2050, this inspired our collaboration with Trees for Life which will help curb the release of greenhouse gases.

We pride ourselves on changing perception, that's why we’re committed to supporting this great cause.

Trees for Life is about more than just planting trees, they have a variety of innovative techniques for extending a helping hand to forest wildlife by reintroducing missing species back into nature and offsetting CO2. Their conservation estate in Dundreggan, has the capacity to offset over 50,000 tonnes of CO2. 

Registering as a charity back in 1993, they have committed to making a long-lasting impact on the environment. With the support of over 5,000 dedicated volunteers, the charity has gone above and beyond, planting an astounding nearly 2 million native trees in the UK.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trees for Life click ‘here