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The legal and financial implications of IR35

​“Recruitment leaders have a role to play in educating their clients about IR35. Too many were unprepared for the changes and ended up implementing blanket inside policies, going against their duty of care obligations. By making these decisions they’ve damaged their competitiveness and cut off­ a key source of talent, which many are beginning to realise. No client should be afraid of IR35. If recruitment industry supports them in implementing robust processes and accurate assessments, it’s a win-win for everyone.” | Christian Moffatt

Partnering with Kingsbridge has proven to be greatly beneficial for us, they have a highly knowledgeable IR35 team which facilitate over 160,000 IR35 assessments through their Status Tool since April 2021. This averages out to around 6,500 assessments per month, showcasing their efficiency and expertise. They recently released their annual white paper which showcases the conditions of contracting in 2022.

In the world of freelance and contract work, IR35 has emerged as a critical piece of legislation that impacts both clients and contractors. By understanding its significance, companies can navigate the landscape more effectively avoiding potential compliance issues whilst keeping open a great supply of contract talent.

Understanding the nuances of IR35 is essential for companies to avoid misclassification and mitigating the risks. It requires a thorough assessment of the working relationship, considering factors such as control, substitution and mutuality of obligation. Seeking the professional support of a recruiter who understands IR35 can have many benefits to clients. The key one being making accurate assessments. A good recruiter can also review and support processes, advising on the issue of status determination statements and best practice on the appeal process.

People Group offer ongoing support to both clients and contractors throughout the project or assignment. Working closely with Kingsbridge, provides us with a great set of tools which manage the entire process from end to end. The audit trail built into the system provides all in the chain with robust protection in any challenges that might happen in the future.


Understanding and having a clear IR35 process is of paramount importance to every business. It is essential in operating a compliant environment. Our wealth of knowledge coupled with our experience, puts us in a strong position to advise and support your business. If you want to know more, please get in contact with us on 020 3998 7671.