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The current state of the market

We are currently in a candidate driven market and this is something that affects all employers recruiting efforts.

Candidates are often receiving multiple competitive job offers and well as their current employers producing comparable counteroffers for them to stay onboard. We have noticed that it is no longer just about salary but also the benefits on offer such as, hybrid/flexible working, wellness benefits, career progression plans, etc.

How to attract candidates

  • Have an online presence, in today's day and age one of the first things a prospective candidate will do is look up the employer online, view their website / social media to see if it looks like the right fit for them. Having a strong presence online which demonstrates the company's values, vision, brand and reputation can have a huge impact on the success of your recruitment.

  • Review platforms, such as Trustpilot or Glassdoor are both great platforms for a potential candidate to look at what it is like to work for you, encountering good reviews online will have a huge positive impact. If you are looking to join a company and see positive reviews, it really helps the decision-making process.

  • Decision making, considering that strong candidates will likely have multiple offers on the table, your company has to be agile when it comes to the recruitment process and able to make quick decisions when it comes to making a competitive offer.

  • Communication, keep regular touchpoints between the time you offer the position to the start date. You would be amazed how good communication can impact your future employee and make them feel appreciated and respected, you can also get a feeling if any doubt may be creeping in.

  • Recruitment outsource, partnering with recruiters who are market experts in their prospective fields and who have a clear understanding of both the candidates/employer needs, takes away a lot of the hours and effort from the employer. The recruitment process is an important investment that assists companies in their long-term hiring needs.

Take no action, staff turnover will get worse.